Thursday, June 10, 2010

: Come and Test Your Brain :

hey guys, sorry for the very late update.. i actually have a lot to share with you all but just no time (excuse) and lazy (truth)..

i came across an email that test our brain. so i reckon that it's good for me to share with u all.

let the test begin and see what type of brain do u have..

here we go...

How Fast Can You Guess the Words

1. B o o _ s

2. _ _ n d o m

3. F _ _ k

4. P _ n _ s

5. P u _ s _

answer below, please do not cheat..




1. Books

2. Random

3. Fork

4. Pants

5. Pulse

so how many you got right? either u got all right or all wrong.. 

so if you get all right, this proves that you're

and if you got all wrong mean you're 

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